Crafts and trades

Making of white clay products coated with colored contrast glaze.
Clay toy
Based on the study of materials about the ancient craft, factory masters were able to create a unique style of modern clay toys.
Gutny craft
Gus Crystal Plant named after Maltsov carefully preserves the secrets of Maltsov’s carving with polishing.
Blacksmith craft
Today, blacksmithing craftsmen are rare. But nevertheless, forges that are engaged in manual forging are preserved.
Carpentry toy
Such toys were called "wood chips", as they were cut with an ax from the waste of carpentry – wood chips and wood chocks.
Wood carving
Argunovo carving. Morden masters of wood carving.
Mstera lacquer miniature
The Mstera lacquer miniature is original according to the writing technique, the method of creating artistic images and is attributed to the products of folk art crafts.
Birch-bark wares
Since ancient times, the manufacture of birch bark products was an important folk craft in Russia, where birch was one of the common tree species.
Weaving of pine wood chips
he traditional technology of weaving baskets for collecting mushrooms, bast shoes and other products.
Scrappy sewing
Today, craftswomen collect from rags and fashionable clothes, and rag dolls, and even paintings.
Russian dolls
Dolls are made by artel, manually. The labor of 10-12 people is invested in each doll.
Russian folk costume
Women's folk costume of the Vladimir province was modest, practical chintz fabrics dominated.
Embroidery in the technique of " white satin-stitch ", "Vladimir seam".
Metal art
Masters use the technique of filigree, which required patience and accuracy in creating patterns from individual parts of twisted copper or silver wire.
Wood painting
Vladimir patterns is an original painting, when the paint is applied not with a brush, but with a foam rubber swab or just an artist’s finger, forming a light cloud.
Art processing of leather
Weaving of withy
In Vladimir land withy was an available material: willow thickets were abundant on the banks of the Klyazma, the Oka, etc.
Vladimir horn
For making a horn they used birch, maple, and juniper blanks the length of which varied from 36 to 85 cm.
Hand painted silk
The workshop "Silk Collection" produces designer clothes, scarves, accessories, and interior items made of silk, painted in technique “cold batik”.
Ceremonial dolls