About the craft

One of the well-known folk art crafts of Vladimir land is the Mstera embroidery.  The art of embroiderers of Mstera has been known since the 17th century. According to a legend, the Mstera white satin-stitch embroidery first appeared in the Mstera women's monastery of St. John the Merciful in Bogoyavlenskaya Sloboda settlement (the future Mstera). The art of embroiderers was carefully preserved for centuries and developed as a field of modern decorative and applied art.

White satin-stitch is distinguished among other techniques and one of the most elegant embroideries with white threads on the white field of cotton fabrics. It was distinguished by the fact that it was sewn along the drawn outline using a variety of plant elements that filled the surface of the fabric. Skilled craftswomen achieved complex light-tone overflows of white color.