Blacksmith craft

About the craft

Blacksmithing is one of the most ancient crafts consisting of complex technological processes. It required specially equipped premises – blacksmith shops equipped with a forge and bellows, as well as many forging tools (an anvil, mites, hammers, files, etc.). Due to the increased fire hazard blacksmith shops were located on the outskirts of settlements. Therefore, blacksmiths living on the outskirts seemed to their neighbors mysterious, associated with evil spirits and their skillful handling of metal that could take any form under the blow of their hammer was considered akin to witchcraft. At the same time, in Russian villages a blacksmith was believed to be able not only to forge a plow or sword, but also to heal diseases, arrange weddings and tell fortunes. Being afraid of blacksmiths people, however, used to respect them, paying tribute to the qualities necessary for their profession – strength, dexterity and courage.