Weaving of pine wood chips

About the craft

Since the ancient times, weaving of baskets with the use of pine wood chips (shingles) has been widespread in Vladimir land, rich in forests. Peasants of many districts of the Vladimir province were engaged in this craft. The handicraft has reached great development in the villages of Moshok, Mitino, Krasny Kust, Bor and other settlements of Sudogoda district.

Male masters, and sometimes entire families, were engaged in weaving baskets of pine wood chips mainly in the winter when they had no agricultural work. Baskets and boxes were made in different sizes and shapes – rectangular, square, oval, with an open top and with lids. There were measuring boxes for hay, boxes for picking mushrooms and berries, boxes for storing linen. Boxes with a handle were intended for transporting fruit and vegetables to the market, two-handled ones – for carrying firewood. Boxes were sold off at fairs in Sudogda, Moshok and Andreevo villages. But the craft was not the main occupation of people, since it did not bring much profit.