Wood painting

About the craft

Crafts associated with wood processing were often accompanied by painting of wooden items – dishes, toys, household articles. Masters sought to enrich their goods with color, to make them beautiful. Wood painting became part of everyday life and the original culture of the people long ago.

In the 20th century wood painting crafts faced great difficulties. Many of them were forced to reduce production due to the outflow of young people to large cities. Traditional painting techniques and methods were preserved mainly in the work of individual masters. In 1971 single craftsmen united and founded the "Vladimir patterns" factory which was located in the very center of Vladimir. Thanks to the activities of 6 enthusiastic masters the folk art craft of painting of wooden products began to revive.  From the first days, the products of Vladimir masters received well-deserved recognition, both among tourists and true connoisseurs of Russian art. The tourist boom of the 1970s due to the popularity of the Golden Ring of Russia route increased the demand for souvenirs reflecting the local flavor. This stimulated the development of the "Vladimir patterns" factory. By 1980, 100 craftsmen were already employed at it, and the volume of production increased significantly. Among the veterans of the factory are wood turner Alexander Shishkin, chief artist, student of the Mstera's school Yevgeny Noskov, artists Lilia Golubeva, Tatyana Filippova and others.