Hand painted silk

About the craft

Vladimir province was one of the territories adjacent to Moscow, where silk manufactories appeared in the first half of the 19th century, as well as artels, which specialized in the decoration of silk fabrics and finished products. The needs of the Royal court for highly artistic and expensive silk products had become the stimulus for the development of those crafts and industries. As a rule, silk production on Vladimir land was mastered by former workers of Moscow factories.

In Kirzhach and Pokrov districts of the Vladimir province there was a unique craft of hand-made silk and velvet weaving, which had no analogues in other regions of Russia. Silk-cloth painting was distributed in the villages of Tonkovo, Vasilyevskoye, Litvinovo, Dubki, Vaulovo, which were later included  into the city area of Kolchugino and Kolchugino district.