Russian dolls

About the craft

The traditions of the artel production of the Russian art dolls were lost at the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays, a hundred years later, they are resurrected by the master Galina Davydovna Maslennikova who is one of the most famous Russian doll artists.

Galina Maslennikova comes from the famous dynasty of the Dumnovs textile manufacturers. In the middle of the 19th century Galina’s great-great-grandfather, Ivan Fadeevich Dumnov, was one of the first people in Vladimir land who organized the production of silk velvet, plush and various silk fabrics in the village of Zarechye (Pokrov district in the Vladimir province). These handmade fabrics were delivered to the most expensive stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg and even to the royal court. Hand weaving machines were installed in the so-called "svetyolka" factories – peasant houses with a large number of windows so that there was enough light for the weavers to work. Several generations of local families worked in the factories.