Birch-bark wares

About the craft

Since ancient times, the manufacture of birch-bark wares has been an important folk craft in Russia, where birch was one of the most common types of tree species. Craftsmen of Vladimir land were engaged in birch-bark works practically everywhere. Sometimes residents of the whole villages mastered this skill. Birch-bark was considered an excellent material suitable for processing and manufacturing various products. In central Russia it was available and used for the most diverse needs. Since the 11th century birch-bark was applied as a material for writing in Russia. Birch-bark manuscripts are invaluable as a historical source.

Due to its strength and flexibility birch-bark has long been used for making dishes. Birch-bark is water proof, so it was used for making birch-bark boats, its waterproofing properties were applied in construction. Also bast shoes and children toys were made of birch-bark. Birch-bark products were an indispensable part of routine folk life.