Living Traditions

The project on traditional crafts, trades and folk groups of the Vladimir Region
With the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in the framework of the National project "Culture"
Video presentation

The quintessence of the project «Living Traditions» is in this video. Masha and Daniel were very impressed by the world of crafts and folk art. They were surprised in a good way and received a charge of inspiration. Are you ready for your fascinating journey?

New photos

Here you can see the latest photos of the works of the Vladimir region artisans and handymen, as well as photos from recent bright and interesting events.

About the Project

The main goal of the large-scale project «Living Traditions» is to show the relevance and liveliness of the sound of folk art in Russia of the 21st century using the example of the Vladimir Region.

Particular emphasis is placed on the fact that the presented crafts and trades are distinguished by authenticity and artistic value, and the works of masters, performances of folk groups invariably receive the highest expert ratings.

The mission of the project is to launch «living traditions» across Russia. It is very important that other regions also collect and present information about their best examples of folk art in a modern, accessible and attractive way.

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