People's Collective Dance Ensemble "Rosinka"

About the folk group
People's Collective Dance Ensemble "Rosinka"

The folk dance ensemble "Rosinka" of the Vladimir Regional College of Culture and Art has been maintaining and developing the dance folklore of the Vladimir Region and other regions of Russia for 45 years, familiarizing new generations of students with the traditions and culture of the Russian folk dance. The team leaders and choreographers are  N.N. Zueva, Laureate of the Russian Government Prize “Soul of Russia”, awarded with an honorary diploma of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, M. A. Zimokos, awarded with diplomas of the administration and the department of culture of the Vladimir region – for his great contribution to the development of culture. 

The folk dance ensemble was founded in 1974. The collective received the poetic name "Dewdrop" ("Rosinka") as a symbol of morning freshness, vivacity and cheerfulness, because its members are very young, they are students of the college’s choreography department, aged 15 to 20 years. That is, the ensemble never gets old: new performers come to replace its graduates every year. At the same time, the continuity of the repertoire is preserved, the accumulated experience of the folk stage dance school and the creative style of the collective is carefully transmitted. It turns out that the ensemble "Rosinka" is one of the most respectable age folklore groups in the Vladimir region, though having the youngest team.

The traditions of the ensemble "Rosinka" imply a large amount of research work on the search and stage embodiment of the native land dance folklore. Based on the materials of folklore expeditions to the districts of the Vladimir region, the dance "Topotukha-Veselukha", the round dance "And I am in the meadow", the dance "Yakimanskoe’s teeterboard" were staged which reflected the characteristic movements seen in the village of Yakimanskoe in the Suzdal region. The theme range of the Vladimir region is retained in the choreographic composition "On the Murom Path", in the dance "Melenki’s Treshki" inspired by the clay toy of the famous potters from the village of Korovino, Melenki district.  

The repertoire of the ensemble "Rosinka" contains about two dozen concert performances of the Russian folk dances of various forms and genres – lyric round dances, sparkling dances, game-dancing, comic miniatures. For more than thirty years the round dance "Meadow Duck" (choreography by Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation G. A. Vodyanova) has been the dance hallmark of the ensemble.

The dance ensemble "Rosinka" was awarded the title of "People's Collective". Every year it becomes a laureate of city and regional competitions and festivals. "Rosinka" repeatedly became the owner of the Grand Prix named after T.A. Ustinova at the All-Russian competition of Russian folk dance "Round dances throughout Russia".  The ensemble goes on tour abroad. It is actively engaged in concerts, participates in master classes and the Russian dance creative laboratories.   

Graduates of the "Rosinka" ensemble work in the best professional choreographic groups in Russia – the Folk Dance Ensemble named after I. Moiseev, the Choreographic Ensemble "Birch", the Dance Group of the Pyatnitsky’s Choir, the Dance Theater "Gzhel", the Song and Dance Ensemble named after A. Alexandrov, Vocal-Choreographic Ensemble "Rus" and others. 

Performances of the ensemble "Rosinka" are always gala-day events for the viewer. They amaze with performing skills, sincerity and young enthusiasm. The living tradition of Russian folk dance is implemented in the creative experiments and achievements of the youth collective.

Author: V. Korolkova