T.A. Ustinova Prize All Russian Folk Dance Festival

T.A. Ustinova Prize All Russian Folk Dance Festival

One of the most exciting folk culture festivals held on Vladimir Land is All-Russian Festival of Russian Folk Dance called "Round Dances are performed All Over Russia". Its name reproduces a line from the poem by Andrey Dementyev dedicated to T.A. Ustinova. This large-scale show of Russian folk dance was conceived as a tribute to Tatyana Alekseevna Ustinova, an outstanding performer and choreographer, teacher and theorist of folk stage dance, People's Artist of the USSR and USSR State Prize Laureate. The festival is organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the State Russian House of Folk Art, the Department of Culture of the Vladimir Region Administration and the Regional Center of Folk Art. The festival is traditionally held in Vladimir in the Regional Palace of Culture and Art.

Russian folk dances are extremely varied in form, style, mood; they reflect features and colors of each Russian area. But national character always manifests itself in dancing. Men's dance is characterized by cheerfulness, breadth of soul, prowess and humor. Women’s dance is distinguished by nobleness, sincerity, female coquetry, smoothness, although it can be performed lively and fervently. A great variety of Russian folk dances is always presented at the festival "Round Dances are performed All Over Russia" in Vladimir. 

The festival is held annually, but according to tradition in  even years, usually in autumn, children's groups (up to 14 years old) take part in the competition, in odd years, in spring, youth teams (from 15 years old) and adult groups  (over 19 years old) are invited. T.A. Ustinova Prize All-Russian Festival of Russian Folk Dance unites the participants from all over Russia. They come here from almost two dozen cities and show their folklore, stage folk and stylized folk dances preserving the features of different Russian territories. Among the participants there are large groups (up to 30 people), duets and soloists. Dance, round dance, quadrille, pereplyas changing each other make the festival bright and unforgettable!

The festival program traditionally includes a grand opening, competitive and demonstration performances, meetings with leading figures of Russian choreographic  and a final gala concert with an award ceremony. The program also includes a display of artistic achievements and mastery of Russian folk dance performers, the exchange of experience, creative communication and the identification of new names of talented choreographers and dancers.

T.A. Ustinova Prize All-Russian Festival of Russian Folk Dance "Round Dances are performed All Over Russia" in Vladimir is a real triumph of Russian traditional culture, of a broad and beautiful Russian soul embodied in dancing.

Author: V. Korolkova