Interregional Festival of Folk Music and Crafts "On the Murom Path"

Interregional Festival of Folk Music and Crafts "On the Murom Path"

Interregional Festival of Folk Music and Crafts "On the Murom Path" has been held in Murom annually since 2001. Its organizers are the Department of Culture of the District Administration and the House of Folk Art of the Murom District. In fact, it has become the successor of the festival of folklore and crafts "Bogatyr Mountain " founded in 1997 on the initiative of the ensemble "Muroma".

The festival "On the Murom Path" was conceived at the interregional level as a large-scale show of folk art. Its aim is to revive, preserve, develop and promote  cultural folk traditions. Besides, the organizers try to popularize talented performers, musicians and masters of decorative and applied arts. The festival is attended by folklore groups and individual performers of folk songs and dances, craftsmen working in traditional style, artists and fashion designers of national costumes. The age of participants  is practically unlimited. The main thing is that it was a real art, sustained in folk traditions.

Year after year the festival "On the Murom Path" becomes more and more popular and  expands its geography. It is attended by delegations from almost two dozen regions of Russia, as well as from Belarus. The best concert venues of Murom are provided to folk groups and soloists. The final concert usually takes place on the square of the 1100th anniversary of Murom on City Day (at the beginning of August).

A craft fair in the center of Murom is also organized as the part of the festival. Local craftsmen are joined by colleagues from neighboring areas. Original craft products impress visitors by the boundless imagination and virtuosity of their creators. Guests can take part in master classes and paint a wooden board with their own hands, twist a talisman doll or mold a clay toy ...

Traditionally, a kalach row is adjacent to the craft fair. Murom has long been famous not only for its blacksmiths and potters, but also for bakers-kalachniks. The production of kalaches in Murom began in the 14th century. Three kalaches are depicted on the city coat of arms. The legend tells the story about the imperial persons Catherine II and Paul I. When they were passing through Murom they enjoyed the taste of local bakery. No wonder that kalach  has practically become a symbol of Murom. Today, Murom kalaches are invariable attributes of all folk holidays and mass celebrations.

Beautiful festival of folk art and mastery "On the Murom Path" has already become a hallmark of Murom. It brings joy to Murom citizens and guests, gives them bright impressions and aesthetic pleasure. It unites generations on the basis of traditional folk culture.

Author: V. Korolkova